"There are ants under your feet. You might accidentally step on them, so please don't continue in that direction."

Professor Layton 2
Phoenix Wright 2
Persona 3
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Please check out my Facebook art page here if you like it!

Facebook page for ART

Basically I’m not finding Tumblr to be a very good outlet for my art so I’m making a Facebook page, please go and like it if you like my art, I’ll probably post regularly there and gradually stop using tumblr, thank you!


it’d be nice if people noticed me after they noticed my artwork
maybe said something to me about it
maybe asked if i could do something

maybe just once y’know

Whoa, I messed around with the Biro ink and this happened, really pleased with result!

So I got some Biro ink out of a pen and put water on it and…
The flakes are all “dry” on top of the water, it looks amazing…

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